Holiday Projects…

I know, I think I said I wouldn’t again, but Heart of the South is back on Kindle Unlimited. If you feel like a re-read, that’s more coffee for me!

In other projects a-foot, I will probably do a print edition of HOTS soon and I’m hoping to do an audio sample of Of North Blood Drawn. Some short storys? Two weeks break surely I’ll get something done.


HOTS Bank Holiday Freebie

It’s a hots bank holiday, grab your kindle and head for the beach, but don’t forget to load it up with today’s freebie of Heart of the South (HOTS)!

HOTSCover3The action packed sequel to “Of North Blood Drawn”, more witty banter, more lasers and explosions, more intrigue, battles in the mind, space slugs and spurious philosophy…

Seatus and Es’stus have been at war for over three hundred years. Inevitably, the Seatons – the Defenders – are losing. The High Marshal, commander of Seaton Defence has a solution. It’s a desperate one, that can only end in the annihilation of the Es’stons, or the Seatons, or both.

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OfNorthBloodDrawnAn epic new Science Fiction-Fantasy adventure. Ancient prophesy clashes with devastating High-Tech warfare.

Born without telepathy, Magen Agasan is exiled by his people, the mythical “North Ice-Islanders”. He becomes ensnared in a long-running interplanetary war. A dark shadow dogs his steps. A spy is sleeping. Expect a motley crew, action, romance, witty banter and some provoked thoughts.

“How strange! An adventure that actually uses some thought.” – José Amores

“This is a compelling, gripping read, and we have to find out what happens next – indeed, we have to find out what has really just happened.” – Anon

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Minor Tweaks & Typos

Just made a few minor fixes and tweaks to the content of ONDB. Do get in touch if you notice a spelling mistake or jarringly constructed sentence. Nearly done getting settled in the new house and just beginning to find some free time. Hoping to maybe get back to Book 3 – trying to restructure the plot so I can deliver more managable installments.


Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords

Magen Book 2: Heart of the South is included in the Smashwords promo. Just use the code “RW100” at the checkout to get 100% off (i.e. free!).

From Smashwords:

Read an Ebook Week is an international celebration of ebooks in which thousands of authors, publishers and retailers feature free and discounted ebooks to help promote the joys of e-reading to the world’s readers.  Each year, Smashwords authors are the most active participants, and our store features the largest selection of participating titles.  It’s a fun promotion, because the more the participating authors promote their involvement, the more readers then go on to discover new Smashwords authors.



Promo: HOTS free 25th-26th

Have you seen the new Stars Wars, The Force Awakens, maybe you’ve read all the books too. Well now, how about something different? The full series of Magen is available free from 25th to 26th. That’s right Heart of the South will be free on Christmas day. Enjoy the celebration, but maybe stop and think for a moment, what is really worth celebrating. (it’s not my book being free btw).


Popularity has a Price

Yesterday, Of North Blood Drawn was featured on Downloads rocketed and by the close of day I had nearly 60 downloads. ONBD made it to no.2 in Space Opera. This morning, I find a one star review, coincidence? I think not. To get the no.2 spot, something else had to come out. The account posting the review is obviously fake – sabotage.

However, clearly this means ONBD is getting somewhere, hooray! I think I is some measure of success, achieving a one star review.

P.S. Having said that here’s hoping Amazon removes it, there will be more to come, and bound to be some genuine ones too…