Seatus is a real place!

“The planet circles the faint dwarf star LHS 1140 in the constellation Cetus”

Newly discovered planet ‘may offer best chance of finding life beyond Earth’
A newly discovered ‘super-Earth’ 39 light years away could be the best candidate yet for a world beyond the solar system that harbours life, say scientists.






What is Sci-fi these days?

The targets are changing for Sci-fi. Add your own thoughts in the comments below.

Not Sci-fi at all

  • Ion Drives
  • Railguns
  • Weaponized Lasers
  • Autonomised all-terrain robots
  • Robots that can walk
  • Robots that can paint your nails
  • Robots that can kill you (see cruise missiles)

Barely Sci-fi

  • Re-growing organs/limbs
  • Bionic Limbs controllers by the brain
  • Suspended Animation (demonstrated with pigs, which don’t seem adversely affected, but then they can’t really tell us)
  • Reading thoughts with computers
  • Programming People (see Brainwashing)
  • Fusion Power
  • Genetically engineered/Designer humans

Still Sci-fi

  • Jump Drives
  • Travel to other stars
  • Artificial Intelligence (we don’t even know what this is yet)
  • Small Fusion Power Generators
  • Aliens (except in the US)
  • Manipulating gravity fields