About: The Characters

In order of appearance:

Magen Agasan

Magen is an outcast of a forgotten mythical people. Possessed of nothing but a keen, contemplative mind and a sword that cuts through anything he enters the much more mundane Seaton society. He is determined to move on, forget the bitter past and carve out a new life. Forced to join the Seaton Defence forces and deeply certain the the Seaton-Es’ston war must end – he is still ready to fight and distinguish himself as “Swordmaster of Gahon”.

C.M. Damoclus Narell

Enigmatic, cheerful, benign, unpredictable and inscrutable. Damoclus ways are not the ways of the average man. Appearing at first as a relatively unimportant Centurion it emerges later that he is not just Marshal of Recruitment and Training for Gahon but over the entire Seaton Defence force. Using his influence, for reasons of his own, he makes Magen “Swordmaster of Gahon” and pushes him on to greater glories.

Janessa Lorenne

Possessed of beauty, intelligence, charm and wit Janessa thinks quite highly of herself. Coming from the great city of Solara – the “Heart of the South” – this is not unusual for it’s citizens. Janessa is a nurse and Magen first meets her as patient in her care. Needless to say he instantly falls in love with her – which turns out to be a complication when he is made her sergeant – rendering the relationship impossible. Janessa is principled and ready to stick fast at what she believes to be right. As a healer, she has no heart for violence – and Magen’s skill with the sword is another issue. Janessa joins the army with the sole purpose of becoming a doctor through the training opportunities granted by the army.

Jarom Samess

Eternally cursed and perpetually miserable. Jarom aka ‘Slick’ is an ex-thief. He is something of a comic relief. He is not brave at all and he takes great care of his own life – often fleeing one danger to land into another. He has a keen eye (not just for valuables) and he is trained as a sniper. The rest of the squad generally feel he is quite useless and something of a burden. Slick often feels awkward and out of place among these upright citizens that he has fallen in with.

The Brothers Derell : Elshan, Ogher and Ariot

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Curiba Dragonath

The ‘Dragon’ part to her name may give something away. Curiba is young, firey tempered and often rash. She has a tendency to believe that the application of brute force can fix any situation. She runs away from her father to join the army (after tricking him into signing a consent form). Curiba also finds herself owning a sword that can cut through anything – only it better knows how to use her than her it.

Saar’ha Forchan

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Tyr’uc Forchan

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Yicle Daret

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