About: Of North Blood Drawn

Map of Seatus

Map of Seatus
Exiled by his people, the mythical ‘North Ice-Islanders’, Magen Agasan is an outcast. Born without telepathy; he is abnormal, a regression.

Forced out to live in a foreign culture, he must fight in the Seatons’ 300 year interplanetary war with Es’stus. His arrival does not go unnoticed. The enigmatic Marshal Damoclus, guessing his origin, makes him – ‘Swordmaster’. This anachronistic position causes ripples to the highest level of command. The Seatons are losing the war, they desperately need a new edge.

Magen is “Of North Blood Drawn” which makes him different. An old legend seems to be coming to life and has a few loose ends. A dark shadow haunts his steps. He has a sword that cuts through anything, a parting present from a senile old man – it got him the job. A red-haired girl in his squad has sword that sings – and turns her into a deadly berserker. He finds there are other, more ancient forces interested in his ‘qualities’ and they watch to see what he may become…

…or what they can make him be.